Register for the Sarajevo Trip

Sarajevo Film Festival & Co.

The registration period has already finished. Stay tuned and follow us on facebook or instagram in order to find out the plans for our next trip.

In the program included are the following sights:

  • Guided Tour through the Old Town
  • "Avaz Twist Tower"
  • National Museum
  • The Sevdaha Art House
  • "Zuta Tabija" - Yellow Bastion
  • "Vijecnica" - Sarajevo City Hall
  • "Vrelo Bosne" - The spring of the river "Bosna"
  • "Tunel Spasa" - Tunnel of Hope
  • Gazi Husrev Beg Museum
  • Srebrenica Museum
  • 2 selected movies of the SFF in an adorable atmosphere
  • Mosques, Churches, Synagoges
  • Dinner together

Further details about the program and the exact daily structure will be sent out via Email. Therefore, please check your posted email twice to make sure that we can contact you. You will find all the important information on the above flyer or on facebook. If you have any questions regarding the trip, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail or on facebook.


You should know:

  • In the price included are double rooms. So if you travel alone you will be teamed with another person of the same sex. (Male with male, female with female)
  • There are limited tickets available, so make sure to register soon. 
  • We can complete your booking, only if you transferred the whole fee. Please wait for further instructions via email after you submitted your registration.
  • Detailed information, such as which movies are selected, will be given after your registration is completed.
  • You will receive your bill and a voucher via Email.
  • We do not order ketchup or ayvar (Link for Ayvar) for Cevapcici. ;)
  • Wir tragen keine grellen Tourist Caps. Wir sind gut vernetzt und können Dir Sarajevo und seine Bewohner so zeigen, wie sie tatsächlich sind. ;)
  • We do our best to provide all vegetarians with enough side dishes ;)
  • You will have enough time to explore the city on your own.
  • The Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) is a wonderful opportunity to experience the city that is often referred to as Europe's Jerusalem. (Link)

Take a look at the capital of Bosnia und Hercegowina in 4k resolution. If you want to receive more interesting facts about Sarajevo, you shoud follow us on facebook and instagram.